shulamitbruckstein2-lindarosasaal detail

Photo: Linda Rosa Saal (2020) 

Let the objects you love

speak for the person you are.

You want to give a glimpse into your personal collection without giving away too much? Object Love creates video portraits via objects of your collection. Videos are named after singular art works, foci for momentous constellations. Conceived and directed by Almút Sh. Bruckstein.  


Almút Sh. Bruckstein is a writer, researcher, philosopher, and curator of numerous international exhibitions and artistic research. She held various international professorships in philosophy, Jewish studies, visual theory, and is the author of more than eighty publications in art and theory. Most recent books and exhibitions: Wednesday Society (2019), Freud. Talmud. Taswir (2019), Lady Dada Kalam (2017), Fragments From our Beautiful Future (2017), The Red Gaze (2016), House of Taswir. Doing and Undoing Things (2014) a.o. Object Love is one of her most recent projects in which the collector becomes the protagonist. 


Object Love works with Bruckstein Films. Bruckstein Films is an independent film company directed by Manu Bruckstein creating image films of portraits, events, exhibitions, art projects, a.o.